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wedding photographer

Since my beginnings in photography, I've focused on weddings. A very complex job that requires a great organization and a good experience of these big events.

Over the past twelve years, I have been able to acquire a know-how that allows me to be very comfortable and to adapt easily to any situation.

Sharing very intense and emotional moments with families is very fulfilling.

It is a real pleasure for me to photograph one of the most special days of your life.

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How my services work:

I works in hourly tariff. Depending on the duration I work with a second shooter or a photo assistant. We may intervene from the preparations to the showpiece.
I can be booked from four hours of services from April to September and from two hours the rest of the year. I can move anywhere in the world.

Everything is possible when it comes to wedding photography. Tell me about your project and we will see together what I can offer you... 


First contact

If you like my work, send me a message to tell me about your wedding project and your wishes for the photographic cover. I will then send you my price sheet with more detailed information.


The engagement photo session

Following the signature, for formulas of more than 8 hours, I propose an engagement photo session. During this one-hour session I learn more about my newlyweds and their way of behaving in front of the camera. A very profitable training for D-Day (and bonus photos).


Wedding day

The big day begins. I arrive and meet you at a predefined place and time. Throughout the day I am independent but we communicate regularly. I remain attentive to adapt and respond to any unforeseen request.

The schedules of the service are seen in advance but it is possible to add time at the last minute according to your needs.


Contract signing...

My services interest you and fit to your photo budget? We then decide on a date to meet and talk about your expectations in order to validate your choice. At this time it will be possible to sign a service contract (which I present to you beforehand by explaining the terms and conditions). If you can't come, I will offer you a video. After this appointment you have a reflection period, then a withdrawal period after signature if necessary.


The preparation meeting

A few weeks before the wedding, we meet again during an appointment to prepare the service together. We review the details of the schedule, the list of important guests, etc... A checklist before the big day. I like to arrive at a wedding knowing my subject inside out.


Delivery of photos

Marriage is just the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of my work will start on the post-processing of the photos and will last several weeks (on average 4). 
Once the photos are ready, I deliver them for download or on USB media (depending on the formulas) then I create a private gallery for the guests. They find all the photos there for free download.
It will be possible for the bride and groom who wish to order prints or album books from me, or to manage the development of their photos themselves.




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