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Nathalie De Cecco - PHOTOGRAPHE

Passionate about images and their emotional power,
I like to photograph laughter, joy, love, raw and authentic moments.

I like that my images can communicate an atmosphere, a memory, an emotion.

Time flies so fast and people change. Photos are a priceless treasure,

a window on the past...
My ambition is to freeze these moments for you, so that you can dive back into them when you want.


I love to travel, I am ready to follow you anywhere on the globe to immortalize your most beautiful day! I can speack French and English.


my Story

My father taught me photography when I was a child.

I've always enjoyed learning on my own. But I still wanted to do things well by following a photo CAP and some more specific online training. I followed the teachings of great photographers like Greg Finck for the wedding,

Kelly Brown for maternity photos and more. 
It's been almost a decade since I created my micro-enterprise and about thirty years spent photographing in France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and recently in the USA.

My influences and my style are quite obvious when visiting my site. 
Nature: that's where I feel best. The emotions: that's what matters most.
I am a great optimist who always sees the glass half full. I have a life course that has not been the easiest. I'm aware of the fragility of some precious moments that we spend with loved ones. How lucky we are to be surrounded by people who love us. It is quite naturally that I turned to the photography of moments of life.

My approach is empathetic. I try to understand the people I photograph, to put myself in their place to be able to help them break down this mental barrier that constrains them in front of the lens.

When the models dare to reveal their little hint of madness, it's mission accomplished.

I prefer to photograph the unexpected and the living rather than a posed photo.A laugh rather than a smile.

My other half: Morgan. He is my assistant, I am his assistant.

We are often seen together in performance (weddings or reports). We are a rather fusional couple. We met in 2003 and it was love at first sight. We made the crazy bet to live from our respective passions. Despite the context, the people who predicted that we wouldn't go far, we always believed in it and history proved us right...
We passed many major hurdles for our careers:

a change of region, failing health, repeated IVFs, the health and then economic crisis, a year without salary, inflation (we're hanging on!)... We had two children in the middle of all this. I can say that we are more than motivated to live from our respective passions.

We started in 2009 and we are still standing.

Morgan is thereforemy photo assistant, light assistant and second shooter at weddings. But he is above all a great magician, well known to the wizarding world since he is the current French champion in close-up magic (2023). All this is very mysterious and now that you are robbed I let you click on the links under his photo to find out.

nathalie-dececco-photographe-seance photo famille Metz-1-8.jpg

Our team


magicien & photographe

We always offer a discount on the magic service for any photo package 8 hours or more booked for your wedding. (Available for a wedding in France only)

Take advantage of the many talents of my photo assistant / reigning French magic champion!

Visit his site to learn more.

Morgan De Cecco magicien champion de France de magie close-up 2023.jpg
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